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Yes, we offer a free consultation for residential and commercial areas, and we would like to visit your property for its measurement to provide an exact estimate before we start the work.
Ceiling contractors in Dublin provide both installation and material supplying services.
The cost of the new ceiling depends on the product design and performance. Methods used in installation also affect the total cost of the roof.
Yes, it is essential to repair the minor leak before it becomes a big issue. Don’t wait for the next heavy rain. If you know there is a small leak, get it repaired immediately.

T-bar ceiling is a second ceiling hung below the main structural ceiling, this additional space allows electrical, plumbing, and HVAC plat to be fitted without can damage to the ceiling.

This ceiling is known as:

  • T-bar ceiling
  • False ceiling
  • Suspended ceiling
  • Grid ceiling

A surface-mount ceiling tiles are easy to install because the easy system tiles can directly attach to the grid.

These are some following:

  • Slimline
  • Concealed

The different types of the ceiling:

  • Flat or smooth ceiling
  • Skip trowel ceiling
  • Popcorn ceiling
  • Swirled Ceiling