Are you looking for some modifications to mask the hidden functions of your room? If yes, then you are in the right place. Vwall is here to solve all your problems regarding bulkhead ceilings. We provide ceilings of different shapes to hide wirings, vents, lights, and spaces. Bulkhead ceilings made by us will provide a more stylish and enhanced look to your rooms and kitchens.

Our Proficient Staff

Our staff has certified builders and developers who help our clients choose the bulkhead ceiling design that goes according to the trend. After years of experience in construction and development, our staff is fully enabled to deliver the best. We provide outgoing and professional-level services that are always budget-friendly.

Aesthetic Drop Ceiling Bulkhead

Drop ceiling bulkhead is hung below the main ceiling, and it hides the lights, wires, and air-conditioning systems. It is also called a suspended ceiling. Our drop ceiling bulkhead comprises the best quality tiles that are trendy, stylish and give a sophisticated look to your room, kitchens, offices, and halls. We provide the best aesthetic drop ceilings in the town.

Sophisticated Bulkhead False Ceiling

The bulkhead false ceiling looks lovely with the modern stairs. It hides the drop boxes efficiently and provides a lavished look to your apartments, homes, or offices. Bulkhead false ceilings produced by Vwalls are made from high-quality gypsum that retains its whitish texture. The top-class material used by us in the manufacture is the reason why people trust us.

Trendy Suspended Ceiling Bulkhead

Suspended ceiling bulkhead has tiles that hang with the roof. They enhance the beauty of the room and halls by hiding the electrical wiring and sound systems. Our suspended ceiling bulkhead is made from the finest quality raw materials that are novel and trendy. if you want to increase your room’s exquisiteness, then avail our Bulkheads ceiling contractor in Dublin.


A bulkhead is a section of ceiling that has been dropped and boxed in or enclosed and a bulkhead is typically used to conceal something.

Bulkheads are normally smaller than seawalls as often their primary function is to retain fill at the location with only limited wave action.

Bulkhead ceiling can be customized into U and L shape or vault or barrel type to hide electrical wiring. The dropdown type can be boxy or dome-shaped to add sophisticated lighting.

The measurement will give you the length of 2-inches by 4-inches board that will be nailed across the ceiling.

A bulkhead ceiling looks great with the modern stairs it hides the drop box’s efficiency and provides a lavished look to your home, apartment, or office.

There are many benefits of bulkhead ceiling it can hide all lights, wires, and air-conditioning system as well, at V Walls we ensure you with great service quality in Dublin.