Are you looking for metal frames for the suspended ceiling contractors in Dublin of your offices, gyms, and hospitals? If yes, then you are in the right place. We provide the best suspended MF ceilings in the town at affordable rates that help in sound absorption, insulation, and fire resistance. Vwalls MF suspended ceilings in Ireland provide a monolithic and seamless appearance to your commercial level projects. We hand over your work to the engineers and big construction companies to understand what you want.

Versatile MF Plasterboard Ceilings

MF plasterboard ceilings provide a strong structure through a combination of metal frames and plasterboards. Beautifully designed plasterboards are fitted into the metal frames when MF plasterboard ceilings are installed. Our versatile MF plasterboard ceilings give a trendy a lavished look to your gym and office. The advantage of installing the MF Ceiling System in Dublin through us is that we are well experienced in this work. So you can contact us for your new commercial project of metal frame ceiling.

Robust MF Ceilings

Metal frame ceilings are fitted with insulation, and they are designed to access the panels to provide ease of accessing the services in the roof. The best brands in the market design our metal frame ceilings with the finest quality material. Moreover, they are easy to install and lodge services within the void according to your rooms’ dimensions. So if you want high-quality metal frames for your Dublin Suspended Ceiling Installation at affordable prices, then contact us. We will provide you with developers and construction companies who know well to handle all kinds of commercial scale work.

A suspended ceiling can provide you a clean internal ceiling room for hiding electrical wires, pipework with a suspended ceiling in Ireland.

Suspended ceiling consists of a grid system of inverted T-shape beams assembled perpendicularly to each other to form a square or rectangular grids.

These are some different ceiling boards-

  • Plaster of Paris
  • Gypsum ceiling
  • Metal ceiling
  • PVC ceiling

These are some benefits of a suspended ceiling in Dublin-

  • Easier access to structural
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Improved hygiene
  • Customizable

The MF sealing system is a concealed metal system for a suspended ceiling where no visible joints are required.