Are you looking for a tape and joint service near you? If yes, you will be glad to know that Vwalls provides high-quality and lightweight finishing of dry-lined systems. We provide taping of plasterboards at affordable rates, and you can trust us for decorating the commercial areas because we do it smoothly, consistently, and in a well-designed manner.

Our primary purpose is to provide contracts to commercial professionals and building companies that can understand your work’s requirements and dimensions. We choose the best brands for providing you the right accessories and services for taping and jointing at the commercial level.

Seamless Taping Service

We provide seamless taping service and use tape to bridge the gaps between the plasterboards in the ceilings. The result is a strengthened ceiling with sealed plasterboard joints that prevents cracking. After this, we provide several layers of jointing compound to finish smoothly.

Vwalls provides seamless service of taping and jointing at the commercial level. So either you need it for your office or hospital you can contact us for the finest services.

Finest Quality Taping Material

We use the finest quality material in the taping process that lasts longer. The material in which tape is dipped before joining plasterboards is water-resistant and heatproof. It provides maximum adhesion and gives a smooth finish to the walls and ceilings.

Vwalls have skilled workers who know very well that how many coats are required to seal certain plasterboards. You can contact us for your next project because we take responsibility to deliver you the best work at the commercial level.